Gaming : Google’s next game ?

published on Apr 20, 2013

A few days earlier, Google released a new Chrome Experience called Super Sync Sports (SSS). During the experience, people had to use their Android and (yes,) iOS mobile devices to play a game … on their computers. There is even a multiplayer mode !

It wasn’t the first experience of it’s kind. Weeks earlier (on march 21st, to be precise) Google Japan deployed Maze, a similar experience where people were asked to control a ball, not with keyboards and mouses as we used to do for years, but using the touchscreens of their smartphones and tablets.

Sounds familiar ? It’s because both Maze and SSS work the same way the Wii U games do. Only hundreds of dollars cheaper. In fact, besides the computer, the smartphone and the internet connection you’re probably using to read this very blog post or to call your grandma on weekends, no additional hardware is required to get your ticket in. Not even a plug-in installation is needed. It all happens in the computer and the smartphone browsers.

What the hell is Google planning ? Nothing is clear for the moment, but it looks like gaming is a (big) part of it. As I write those lines, Android Police published a tear down of Google Glass’ companion app, MyGlass. And guess what they found ? AP guys unveiled what they called a ‘backend for an extensive multiplayer gaming service, with just about every gaming feature you could possibly imagine.’ Those features include, among others, a multiplayer mode. Oh ! Yes, just like that one the SSS experience thing had.

Surprised ?

One more thing. As I mentioned earlier, Maze appeared on march 21st, which comes just 8 days after Andy Rubin quit Android leadership to 'start a new chapter at Google.’ A coincidence ? Maybe. Maybe not.

What happens if this nonsense comes to be true ? Adding some connected android-powered smart-TVs to the formula, we can imagine a world where consoles are, at worst, useless or, at best, challenged by yet another rival. Something that consoles makers wouldn’t call good news.

But how far can Google walk the walk ? Only time will tell (or you can use the comments to tell me what do you think).