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I'm not really a good writer, but I love spending time with my computer. So, of course, I write from time to time. So here's what I got. Enjoy.

Fixing a sudden 10-time increase in Pip's build time

PUBLISHED ON Nov 22, 2022

The fight to get my country’s language back

PUBLISHED ON Oct 20, 2015

The case for better battery life, without better batteries

PUBLISHED ON Jul 02, 2014

What does it take to make a revolutionary device ? It’s obviously not the technology

PUBLISHED ON Jun 06, 2013

Gaming : Google’s next game ?

PUBLISHED ON Apr 20, 2013

2001, A Space Odessey : the nightmare of touch-screen-less future

PUBLISHED ON Apr 13, 2013

Jim, tu m'entends ?

PUBLISHED ON Jan 04, 2013